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portable lithium battery power system supply SET-B500


1. AC pure-sine wave output
2..Multi-fuction with DC 24V20A, USB 5V and LED light
3.AC charger, solar charge with portable and energy- saving features
4. Built-in lithium battery with UPS function

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Portable Solar Power Supply
Model NoGSL-B500
Battery Capacity500WH
Battery TypeLithium Ion Battery
Charge Way
AC Wall Charger4.5 hours ( 120wh)
Solar charger4.5 hours ( 120wh)
AC Output
Rated Output Power500W
Peak Output1000W
Output Voltage100VAC-240VAC
Output Frequency50Hz, 60 Hz
Overload Ability120%< load< 130% @ 10 mins

130%< load< 150% @ 10s
Operation Time For Reference
100W5 hrs
200W2hrs: 30 minutes
1400W1 hrs 25 minutes
2000W1 hrs
DC output
2* USB Port2* 5V2A
1* 12v DC Port12V 10 A
Working ConditionRelative Humidity: 10%-90%

Discharge Temperature : --10-60℃

Charge Temperature : 0 – 45℃
Product Dimension340*185*85 mm
ColorYellow, White
Net Weight3.7 kg

GSL ENERGY small all in one portable lithium battery power supply systems series can let you use 100-240VAC& 12VDC, 5VDC any where. It is very convenient to let you to charge via solar panenls, connect directly to the mians, and charge automatically while driving using the car’s excess energy.

The reliable control of the charging/discharging power and time, the remaining running time, capacity and all other functions is taken over by a complex Battery Management System (BMS).

It thus offers users a smart all-in-one solution which can easily be installed by non-electricians and is ready to operate immediately when switched on (plug & play).


◆  Powerful lithium: with more than twice as long operating time, clearly outperforms traditional lead acid batteries 

◆  Easy to access to 100V-240VAC , 12VDC, 5VDC

◆  Compact Design and low weight: only 1/3 the weight of lead acid batteries with same amount of available energy

◆  Longer life span : Last 6 times longer with 2000 charge and discharge cycles than 350 for traditional lead batteries, requires no maintenance. 

◆  Fuel saving, silent and CO2 friendly: It is possible to use energy without engine idling. This reduces the consumption of expensive fuel and zero CO2 is emitted.

♦ Computer/Laptop

♦ Office equipments

♦ Home appliances

♦ Iphone/Ipad, Smart phone

♦ MP3/MP4



♦ Camera

♦ Lamp

♦ Headlight

♦ Outdoor lighting

♦ Mobile electronics

♦ Fishing light

♦ Camping lighting

♦ Tent lighting

♦ Other portable electric products

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