3.2V 250Ah power lithium ion battery (5P)


1.High energy density.
2.High cycle life and long calendar life.
3.Very high charge/discharge energy efficiency with over 3K times
4. Virtually 100% charge/discharge coulomb efficiency
5.Very low self-discharge rates.

Basic Specification of 3.2V 250Ah Lifepo4 Cell (5P)
Nominal Capacity @ 0.2C 250Ah Energy Power 160W
Nominal Voltage 3.2 V Energy/ kg 106W/kg
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.5 V Battery Type Lifepo4 ( LFP)
Charge Cut-off Voltage 3.65V Dimensions(mm) 180*130*170
Charge Current 150A Weight (including case) 7.5 kg
Continuous Discharge Current 500A Charge Temperature Range 0°C~45°C
Peak Discharge (Max. 10 sec. duration 750A Discharge Temperature Range -20°C~60°C
Cycle Life (1C/1C 100% DOD) >3000 cycles Charge Method CC/CV


GSL lithium ion battery is new environmentally friendly backup power system focus on short-time and high-rate discharge scenarios. The environmentally friendly lithium ion battery configured with high-performance BMS, has a wide range of performance and application advantages compared with conventional battery. And the leader chemical technology, BMS technology and system design capabilities will bring excellent performance and reliability, and also provide the best solutions for industrial applications.


◆  It  is  high  integrated  with  less  installation space;

◆  High-performance cathode material of lithium iron  phosphate  makes  it  has  excellent  cell consistency and long cycle life;

◆  The battery has excellent performance in lowtemperature

◆  Multiple protection functions, battery has high voltage protection with higher reliability

◆   Modular and quick plug design makes it easy to use and maintenance;

◆ It is small size with light weight
◆ It without heavy metals and environment friendly;
◆ There is no memory effect;
◆ More than 3000 times cycle life;
◆ Maintenance free;
◆ It can afford high-rate discharge of 1C;
◆ Internal BMS with full protection

Passed the below abuse and safety test-short-circuit, dropping, nail penetration, impact, crush, thermal shock, over-charge,over-discharge: no fire, no explosion with stable chemical structure.lithium battery,lithium ion battery, lifepo4 battery, lifepo4 battery pack

♦ Long-run Cost: LiFePO4 battery could work at 60°c, with long life 5-10 years. 

♦ Smaller Space: 1/3 of the lead acid battery. 

♦ Low Maintenance Cost: maintenance free, centralized monitoring and module installatin also to reduce cost for transportation. 

♦ Safety Cost: stable discharge platform to avoid euipmet exception. 

♦ Save Electricity Power: with same capacity, LiFePO4 battery is more powerful hank lead acid battery, and could support longer.

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